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BHEEM Earth Auger

BHEEM Earth auger is designed with power, high efficiency, easily portability and to do the job efficiently. It is quick and easy start machines used for make boring holes easier and for faster fence installation, tree and bulb planting and other outdoor needs. Anti-vibration foam grip handles that reduce fatigue, Works with auger from 3 in. to 14 in. in diameter for versatile auger uses. BHEEM Earth auger is composed of the small general gasoline engine, gearbox, and drilling tool specially designed. It can be operated by a single operator as well as double operator. The ground auger digs 80 pits per hour and can dig 640 pits one day counted by 8 working hours, that is, it works more than 30 times as much as manual work.

Technical Specifications#

Model BM EA 520S BMEA 630D
Engine Power @ 6000 rpm 1.46 kw 2.2 kw
Displacement 52cc 63cc
Fue Petrol
Fuel Ratio 1000ml : 50 ml
Fuel tank capacity 1200ml
Ignition System Magneto
Carburettor Diaphragm
Reduction Ratio 40:01:00
Speed Change type Double reduction
Clutch Centrifugal Friction Clutch
Auger Bits 100,150,200,250, 300 mm
Weight 10 kg 10.6 kg
# Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.